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performance improvement consulting

Operational Transformation

Are you surviving or thriving in today’s business environment? L2P provides on-site coaching, improves processes, strengthens collaboration between teams and develops a high-performance culture.

Digital Transformation

You’ve invested in advanced technology - are your people using it effectively? L2P accelerates payout on your investment by working directly with the people who use the technology to ensure maximum benefits.

Safety Transformation

Are you confident you are doing enough for frontline safety? L2P gives you the confidence that you are - we help create a culture where the frontline owns and is accountable for safety.

Lead 2 Perform specializes in business transformation. Our performance improvement consultants and coaches have decades of experience. Based in Canada, L2P helps clients throughout North America and beyond.

A proven success record

We are proud of our track record. Our projects are carefully scoped, and we work with you to deliver each phase to ensure results are sustainable long after we are gone.


of L2P projects have exceeded client goals


of L2P projects are delivered on budget

Explore our case studies to see how we’ve helped transform businesses through our performance improvement consulting services. Here you’ll see real-world examples of how we’ve helped businesses across industries improve their performance.

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from our clients

“L2P’s process is not like other consulting firms I have worked with. It is drastically different - much more people and process focused. The coaching adds a benefit that is not offered by traditional consulting companies. These guys help create a high-powered organization. The way L2P delivers projects is unique, I would basket everyone together and then L2P”.

- Director, Multi-National Midstream Company

from our clients
“Our safety transformation was hugely impactful.We significantly reduced the number of incidents where workers would have required medical attention, and there was a material shift in our safety culture. L2P played a pivotal role providing great support to our operations leaders, and also in providing me with a strategic thought partner in building and implementing the strategy.”

- General Manager, Canadian Energy Company

from our clients
“We are much more aligned than a year ago. We have made a lot of steps in the right direction, the process is much better than it used to be.”

- Engineer, Multinational Midstream Company

from our clients
"The L2P team/model have left us the tools and knowledge for continuous self/organizational improvement. Not to mention the self-enlightened desire to do so."

- Manager, Business Development

from our clients
“There were a lot of unknowns before the process improvement event. We all thought it was something different. When we left, we had one process that everyone understood and could execute much more efficiently.”

- Engineer, Multinational Midstream Company

Success across industries

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