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Strategic & Annual Planning

How do you get everyone aligned on the right priorities?

An effective strategic plan provides clear focus and direction. It is a practical framework for guiding actions and making important business decisions – including what you will NOT do.

An annual plan defines priorities, creates alignment and provides clear expectations and accountabilities. L2P supports strategic and annual planning from the boardroom to the frontline helping you ensure corporate objectives are clear and your people are engaged and accountable.


Business results will be exceptional when people are engaged and have ownership of the plan.


  • Alignment on business priorities
  • Cascading plans to the team level that support corporate priorities
  • People have a strong sense of ownership, with clarity on expectations and accountabilities
  • Time and resources are focused on the most impactful activities, avoiding initiative overload
  • Improved leadership capabilities and business acumen
  • Well positioned to adapt quickly to changes in the business environment
What our clients are saying
“The biggest benefit was how quickly we were able to engage and align such diverse groups and focus on delivering results.”

- Operations Director, Global Energy Company

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