Lead 2 Perform specializes in business transformation

Some organizations will use a transformation to address obvious weaknesses, or position themselves to be competitive in the future. Others use transformation to help them progress from good to great. We are experts in helping organizations create profound improvements in performance with our business management consulting services.

We facilitate the process to help you achieve your transformation objectives. We engage to build ownership and accountability - the organization is able to leverage the new competencies to tackle future opportunities and challenges.

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We focus on the 20% of the business that will deliver 80% of the results

You can expect a 5:1 payout in the first year of implementation
You will realize the benefits sooner
You will be exposed to new ways of thinking & industry leading practices
You will have a strategic thought partner keen to support you
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Frequently Asked Questions

I am on board, but my team seems reluctant. How do I address their concerns about your process management and improvement services?

People can feel threatened hearing consultants are being engaged to “help” them. They might take this as a negative reflection on their abilities. From our experience, working through the Assessment phase helps your team recognize we are sincerely focused on helping them be successful, allowing us to quickly transition from a perceived threat to a trusted advisor.

Once you let consultants in the door, it’s hard to get rid of them. They have a way of overstaying their welcome.

The project scope is clearly defined during the Assessment phase. Once the scope of work is complete, the project is over. If there is a desire to have L2P support you in a new area, we create a new project.

Will you be introducing a bunch of new L2P tools, systems and models that my people now need to learn? We are having enough trouble learning our own!

We use your existing organizational methodologies, systems and tools. If you don’t have tools, we will provide those that support the project outcomes and organizational goals. We also collaborate effectively with your other internal and external service partners.

How do I assure myself the project delivers the intended results for the committed costs?

We create a steering committee to oversee the project, which includes senior client representation and an L2P Partner or Strategic Advisor. A Partner or Strategic Advisor will also have consistent project update meetings to ensure any concerns are proactively dealt with. In the Assessment phase we identify the consulting effort required to complete the entire project. We do not exceed this – unless by mutual agreement.

It sounds like you understand my business issue, but how do I know what your consultants are actually going to be working on with my people?

The first phase of a Transformation project is an Assessment. One of the key deliverables is alignment on the scope and nature of the work that L2P will undertake; you sign off before we begin.

My past experience with consultants is that they write a report that ends up on the shelf and there is no action. How do you address that concern?

We don’t write reports. We help your teams create and implement their own solutions - ensuring ownership, accountability and a desire to succeed. From day one of the engagement we are focussed on implementation and sustainability.

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