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Case Study

Operational Transformation

Focusing on Leadership to Drive Operational Transformation

Project Background

An international upstream oil & gas company benchmarked their performance across all Canadian Assets.

Results indicated:

  • 2 low performing categories
  • 3 mid performing categories
  • 2 high performing categories

They were looking to become a top quartile organization.

Our Approach

Coaching leaders through the process of engaging teams in performance improvement and the journey to top quartile.

Leadership Development Focus Areas:

  • Planning, setting expectations and priorities for desired change
  • Creating self-led teams to generate improvement options and implement their ideas
  • Focusing on measuring quantitative improvements
  • Reinforcing desired behaviour change
  • Focus on leading change versus firefighting for operations leaders
  • Putting accountability in the hands of the teams by having them reporting out progress and results


  • 3 years later, the organization engaged in another benchmarking exercise.
  • The results indicated all 7 categories were deemed high performing and top quartile.
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