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Case Study

Safety Transformation

Leadership driven change at a Power Generation Facility

Project Background

  • Mainly long-term employees with 20+ years
  • Lack of safety culture
  • Complacency
  • High volume of incidents
  • Budget & schedule decisions taking priority over safety
  • After many attempts, leaders were unable to change the culture or improve safety results

Our Approach

Engaging leaders and teams in identifying and solving current safety challenges.

Leadership Development Focus Areas:

  • Setting clear expectations and priorities for desired change
  • Identifying levers for improving safety and risks
  • Creating performance improvement work teams at the frontline to create solutions and implement ideas
  • Reinforcing desired behaviour change and effective feedback
  • Focus on leading change versus firefighting
  • Putting accountability in the hands of the teams by having them reporting out progress and  performance


  1. In 12 months the organization transformed from "I think we are going to kill someone" to zero incidents
  2. Culture change and improved safety performance sustained 18 months later without outside support.
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