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Case Study

Operational Transformation

Aligning culture across an organization after a large-scale acquisition

Project Background

Our client, an international Oil & Gas company with operations in Western Canada, had undertaken a large-scale acquisition that nearly tripled daily production. With the accelerated growth, the Director of Operations’ priority was to align multiple cultures by identifying key deliverables across the operating areas, developing practical implementation plans and measuring results.

Our Approach

Our L2P consultant helped achieve alignment through facilitated sessions with field leadership (31 Managers) and Calgary staff (8 Managers) to create action plans and ownership of displayed metrics. Additionally, problem-solving sessions were held to remedy integration issues around Production Reporting and Accounts Payable.


Production Revenue Increase: 
  • YEAR 1: $20.2MM
  • YEAR 2: $22.2MM (Increase was sustained despite a 50% drop in Year 2 commodity price)
Field Based OPEX Savings: $8.9MM

Additional results include:

  • 20 individually tailored action plans for managers, aligned with corporate objectives and cascaded through to the frontline
  • Operator-level visual management boards/graphed metrics at every field office
  • Weekly production reporting estimates to actuals of < +/- 1%
  • Weekly production reporting cycle time reduction - 1,495 man hours/yr
from our client
“The biggest benefit was how quickly we were able to engage and align such diverse groups and focus on delivering results"

- Operations Director

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