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Case Study

Operational Transformation

Providing field leaders with tools to meet cost reduction targets

Project Background

Due to a significant commodity price decrease, our client needed to reduce lifting costs in order to maintain profit margins. Through analysis, the VP of Operations determined a decrease of $3.9MM or $0.21/BOE was required. L2P provided field leaders with processes, tools and coaching to meet the cost reduction target.

Our Approach

  • Working with the operations analyst, L2P determined potential areas of opportunity
  • Facilitated a field leader offsite to review the analysis, confirm opportunities, prioritize and commit to cost reductions
  • Created detailed plans for each field leaders to meet the targets
  • Created visual management systems to monitor progress at the field level on a monthly basis.
  • L2P spent the remaining 8 months in the field with the leaders, building solutions, implementing and focusing on sustainability


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