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Case Study

Safety Transformation

Improving a low-scoring division's safety results

Project Background

Lead 2 Perform worked with a client who had implemented a number of safety programs with limited results; of the seven divisions, they consistently scored the lowest on engagement survey results.

Our Approach

Our client partnered with L2P to implement an ASL project focused on the behaviours of leaders and their impact on results. L2P coaches provided onsite support to both office and frontline leaders, corresponding with significant improvements in the enabling measures: communication, performance management, teamwork and engagement.


Improved enabling measures had a direct impact on the division's bottom line safety results.

from our client
"The L2P Advanced Safety Leadership Program is a great way to build an understanding of Safety, and bring about change in the workers attitude toward safety...Safety Management & development is much more impactful when the workers are the ones driving change. The program itself develops workers into leaders, and improves the leadership qualities of those already in leading positions.”

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