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Case Study

Operational Transformation

Developing a system to improve culture and efficiency on an offshore production platform

Project Background

Our client, an Oil & Gas company in Southeast Asia, was experiencing poor efficiency on one of its recently acquired offshore production platforms. Multiple process upsets were experienced due to equipment and human error. The organization was challenged with a reactive culture where the systems, process and tools were not being leveraged to deliver results.

Our Approach

L2P’s coaches provided consistent on-site support and training to front-line leaders and workers. In partnership with leadership team, our consultants led two key initiatives:

  1. A goal setting and work planning program for both onshore and offshore leaders
  2. Development and implementation of an offshore frontline scorecard with KPIs that reflected day-to-day performance in conjunction with an improvement process


  • Proactive identification of defects increased 48%
  • Identified and implemented over 40 tactical improvement actions
  • Exceeded target of identification potential safety hazards by ~170%

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