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Case Study

Safety Transformation

Transforming the safety record of a drilling operation

Project Background

Our client, a US subsidiary of a global Oil & Gas company, was experiencing an increasing number of safety incidents in their Texas operations. The Drilling department, staffed by employees in leadership positions and 3rd party contractors that provided drilling equipment and crews, had a dismal safety record.

Our Approach

In partnership with the field leadership and contractor teams, our consultants, provided support for the design, implementation, practice and continuous improvement of the ASL program. Working closely with Frontline leadership and contractors, they set expectations and accountabilities in order to build a sustainable process.

ASL topics were reviewed at daily safety meetings and a participation scorecard was developed to demonstrate how ASL was embedded into everyday activities.


  • Trained drilling rig safety advisors in the process of delivery and tracking
  • Scores are recorded daily and announced during daily drilling conference calls
  • Scores are recorded each day and graphed for monthly business review presentations
  • Initial success led to expansion of the project into both operations and maintenance

from our client
“Engaging Lead2Perform coaches significantly improved the drilling crew engagement of personal safety discussions improving performance and reducing safety incidents.”

- Sr Field Drilling Superintendent

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