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Leading, refocusing, and aligning following a major crisis or market disruption

This webinar will provide participants with a pragmatic “how to” guide to help leaders redefine business priorities, create leadership alignment and quickly get their people focused on the critical elements of their business as we work our way through the COVID-19 pandemic (and oil price war).

When coming out of a major market disruption, the business plan and associated priorities you were previously focused on, may no longer be applicable. At a minimum, they will warrant a refresh… and possibly a complete overhaul.

On the people side, your folks may be feeling confused, scared, or overwhelmed. They will have questions and concerns. In the absence of understanding the new reality and their role, they will connect the dots as they see them – and may assume the worst.

As a leader, it is therefore critical to reset your priorities, get your leadership team aligned and your organization focused on the most important activities that support those priorities.

Watch the full webinar:

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